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At St. Andrew’s we hope that our pupils will be independent language learners and confident communicators.

Pupils in our school receive a broad and balanced curriculum; the French they are taught is purposeful and knowledge rich. We aim for our French lessons to allow our pupils to become confident, resilient and more culturally aware. We teach our children to be aspirational and hope that our French lessons enable our pupils to be modern workplace ready. We work alongside Brighouse High School (our main feeder school) as our pupils will learn French as a foreign language in Key Stage 3. Through this dialogue and our quality first teaching, we ensure that our pupils are ready for their next stage of learning and are ready to encounter foreign experiences.

It is our intention that French lessons at St. Andrew’s give pupils the academic and personal skills whilst also developing their future aspirations.

Learning a foreign language is compulsory for KS2 under the 2014 New National Curriculum.

From Year 3, pupils are exposed to spoken and written French and are taught using interactive stories, traditional songs, games and additional resources. As a school, we follow the Rachel Hawkes curriculum.  Each lesson allows the opportunity to revisit previously taught vocabulary and introduce new vocabulary. Teachers plan for speaking and listening activities which then lead to reading and writing activities in French. Lessons move from single word level to sentence level to allow for substantial progress in a modern foreign language.

Alongside weekly timetabled lessons (taught in alternate half terms), St. Andrew’s pupils are exposed to simple French on a daily ‘informal’ basis – for example, whilst taking the register or using basic instructional language in the classroom setting.


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