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‘St Andrew’s Junior School is OUTSTANDING in all areas.’ – Ofsted December 2022. ‘There is enough evidence of improved performance to suggest that St Andrew’s Infant School could be judged outstanding.’ – Ofsted April 2022.

Promoting Excellence

Our Promoting Excellence sheets show children’s progress and attainment through a colour coded system of red, amber and green.


Green is excellent – this means your child is making at least expected progress and is achieving the standard required in that area.   Children should be aiming to achieve ‘green’ and should feel very proud when they do. A green for attendance means above 95%.

Amber is working towards – this means there is room for improvement and the work, behaviour or progress could be better. An amber for attendance means between 90 and 94.99%.  Children on amber should be quickly trying to rectify their effort or behaviour in order to improve.


Red is below and is a cause for concern.  This could mean they are not making progress, not following our rules or not putting any effort into their lessons.  Red for attendance means their attendance is below 90%.


Due to lockdown and school closures, progress and attainment may be slightly lower than usual, so a child may receive an amber where they would normally be green.  In this case, we would expect them to be back on track by the end of the summer term.

How can you help?

To help your child achieve green in all areas, there are many ways you can help.  Ensuring they have the correct uniform and PE kit is essential. By reading at home every day, your child’s fluency and vocabulary will improve and this will help in all areas of the curriculum.  Ensuring your child completes their homework will help them with their learning too.  We use a proven method of revisiting learning at a later date through our homework, which helps aid understanding and long term memory of that learning.

Each child has a planner to log their reading, homework and learning.  This needs to be signed by an adult every week and is the place where any messages home will be left.  You can also use this to send messages to the class teacher.  Parental involvement in children’s learning has shown to be a huge factor in attainment and progress, so this would be a great way to support your child and keep track of their learning.

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