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At St Andrew’s Junior School Science is taught following the 2014 National Curriculum. We also use the Rainbow continuum to help develop scientific skills across Key Stage 2.  Science lessons across all year groups are conducted with a balance of theory and investigative approaches. Our principal aim is to develop children’s knowledge, skills, and understanding in science.  We give opportunities for children to ask and answer scientific questions, engage in enquiry based research activities, use technical terminology accurately and build up extended specialist vocabulary.

A topic will begin with the children exploring what they already know and they are given opportunities to ask questions about what they would like to find out. Objectives within a topic are shared so the children know exactly what they will be learning and the skills they will develop in a topic are also shared.

The children carry out experiments where they can investigate ideas and use a range of equipment in their learning. In addition to this, children are encouraged to think scientifically and develop their science skills through the lessons they participate in.  The whole school follows the same scientific investigation proforma so consistency in the way experiments are conducted is thread efficiently throughout the school. Everyone also has an opportunity to learn about a scientist in the topic area they are learning about.

At the end of a topic, the children are assessed with questions from the Rising Stars scheme of work. The children also participate in a retrieval task where they discuss with the class teacher and each other about what they have learnt, ask questions about it and use their own learning to answer their own questions.

We also aim to provide a stimulus for children’s learning by using displays to help promote discussion, challenge and understanding. As well as this, we organise trips to a variety of venues to see science in action in the real world.

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