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Concrete, Pictoral and Abstract

Maths provides pupils with a powerful set of tools with which to calculate, reason and solve problems. The National Curriculum for mathematics describes what must be taught in each year group. At St Andrew’s Junior CE, all year groups follow the National Curriculum (2014) using the school’s long term plan that covers the objectives. Children need to master key mathematics skills, rather than striving to solely achieve the next objective year on year.  The aim of the curriculum is to instill a deeper understanding of mathematics, such that it can be applied to different contexts within the field.

It is important to create a whole school approach, of which staff, children, parents and governors have a clear understanding. This agreement reflects how essential mathematics is in the education of our pupils. Understanding the relationships and patterns that form between numbers is important for pupils to solve problems, within their education as well as their everyday life. Therefore it is imperative that a positive attitude towards maths is encouraged amongst all of our pupils, in order to nurture self-confidence and a sense of achievement. To help create this attitude we teach through a concrete, pictoral, abstract approach that develops a deep and sustainable understanding of maths.


To help pupils become confident mathematicians we have arithmetic lessons on a weekly basis and also have weekly problem solving lessons. These lessons give children seven different approaches to help them confidentially tackle any maths problem. In other lessons through the week children strive to challenge themselves in their learning and do this using a range of resources and equipment to assist them.


We also encourage the children to use ‘Mathletics’ which is a captivating online learning space providing students with all the tools they need to be successful learners. The children are set tasks that will help their progress in school and can also play fast paced maths games that help rapid recall of important facts. Each pupil in our school has a personal login. To access the site click here.

Route Maps

Teachers use Route Maps to support the planning and teaching of Mathematics here at St. Andrews. These can be downloaded below.


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