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School is open to all children from Monday 8th March 2021. Full wraparound care is now available. Please contact the school office for details about our Breakfast Club and Kids Club.

Staff List

Headteacher – Mrs K Smith
Deputy Headteacher – Mrs A Jocelyn

School Business Manager – Mrs E Stollery
Admin Assistant – Mrs H Stephenson
Admin Assistant – Mrs T Talbot

Year 3
Class Australia – Miss N Mason (Maths Leader)
Class Ireland – Miss R Armitage

Year 4
Class Canada – Mr O Lyons
Class Italy – Mr L Johnson

Year 5
Class France – Miss M Holt
Class Germany – Miss L Haley

Year 6
Class India – Miss L Barker
Class USA – Miss L Riley (English Leader)

Inclusion Manager – Mrs L Marsden

Learning Mentor – Mrs G Brearley
Learning Mentor – Mrs E Moon

– Miss C Adamson
HLTA – Mrs H Douro
HLTA – Mrs  V Lagan
HLTA – Mrs J Marsh
HLTA – Mrs B. Raistrick
HLTA – Mrs S Roberts

Teaching Assistant – Mrs J Austin
Teaching Assistant – Mrs S Carpe
Teaching Assistant – Mrs E Couldwell
Teaching Assistant – Mrs J Taylor
Teaching Assistant – Mrs F Helliwell
Teaching Assistant – Mrs T Roome
Teaching Assistant – Mrs S Scholefield
Teaching Assistant – Mrs A Smith
Teaching Assistant – Mrs S Smith
Teaching Assistant – Mrs C White

Breakfast Club – Mrs S Roberts, Mrs D McLean

Kids Club – Mrs B Raistrick, Miss C Adamson, Mrs E Couldwell

Cook in Charge – Mrs D Sullivan
Catering Assistant – Mrs C Bennett

Senior Midday Supervisor – Mrs E Couldwell
Midday Supervisor – Mrs A Burton
Midday Supervisor  – Miss J Collins
Midday Supervisor  – Miss E Couldwell
Midday Supervisor – Mrs M Drennan
Midday Supervisor – Mrs D Mclean
Midday Supervisor – Mrs T Roome
Midday Supervisor – Mrs S Smith
Play Leader – Mr M Blackburn

Site Manager – Mr N Miller
Deputy Site Manager – Mrs C Bennett
Cleaner – Mrs T Roome




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