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School is open for vulnerable and critical worker children only during the national lockdown

Staff List

Headteacher – Mrs K Smith
Deputy Headteacher – Mrs A Jocelyn

School Business Manager – Mrs E Stollery
Admin Assistant – Mrs H Stephenson
Admin Assistant – Mrs T Talbot

Year 3
Class Australia – Miss N Mason (Maths Leader)
Class Ireland – Miss R Armitage

Year 4
Class Canada – Mr O Lyons
Class Italy – Mr L Johnson

Year 5
Class France – Miss M Holt
Class Germany – Miss L Haley

Year 6
Class India – Miss L Barker
Class USA – Miss L Riley (English Leader)

Inclusion Manager – Mrs L Marsden

Learning Mentor – Mrs G Brearley
Learning Mentor – Mrs E Moon

– Miss C Adamson
HLTA – Mrs H Douro
HLTA – Mrs  V Lagan
HLTA – Mrs J Marsh
HLTA – Mrs B. Raistrick
HLTA – Mrs S Roberts

Teaching Assistant – Mrs J Austin
Teaching Assistant – Mrs S Carpe
Teaching Assistant – Mrs E Couldwell
Teaching Assistant – Mrs J Taylor
Teaching Assistant – Mrs F Helliwell
Teaching Assistant – Mrs T Roome
Teaching Assistant – Mrs S Scholefield
Teaching Assistant – Mrs A Smith
Teaching Assistant – Mrs S Smith
Teaching Assistant – Mrs C White

Breakfast Club – Mrs S Roberts, Mrs D McLean, Mrs K Roberts

Kids Club – Mrs B Raistrick, Miss C Adamson, Mrs K Roberts

Cook in Charge – Mrs D Sullivan
Catering Assistant – Mrs C Bennett
Catering Assistant – Mrs C McGowen
Catering Assistant – Mrs R Tomlinson

Senior Midday Supervisor – Mrs E Couldwell
Midday Supervisor – Mrs A Burton
Midday Supervisor – Mrs M Drennan
Midday Supervisor – Mrs D Mclean
Midday Supervisor – Mrs K Roberts
Midday Supervisor – Mrs T Roome
Midday Supervisor – Mrs S Smith
First Aider – Mrs C Hardaker
Play Leader – Mr M Blackburn

Site Manager – Mr N Miller
Deputy Site Manager – Mrs C Bennett
Cleaner – Mrs T Roome




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